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The Waiting Season

“Wait for the gift my Father promised”

Acts 1:4

The waiting season can be a challenging season and I am sure we have

all experienced this at some point in our lives. One can often feel like

this is a period of wasted time but it is an opportunity for us to lean in

or put some weight on our faith. During this time, we should be

practicing Holy anticipation of God’s plan for our life. Our focus should

be to draw nearer to him and to rely on God’s power instead of our

own. In the last 5 years, I have learned that God’s timing is the best

timing. I often find myself trying to do God’s job for him because I want

what I want when I want it. We move and act on things we desire as if

the world revolves around us and have the audacity to be upset with

God when our efforts return to us void.

What I have come to realize is WAITING is the fastest way to fulfilling

our life’s desires and the purpose that God has for us. We are all guilty of

busying ourselves, especially those of us that are building businesses.

I’m just going to put it out there, Honey we are booked and busy, we

are Bosses, we are Securing the Bag, and I can go on and on. The fact

of the matter is, in our impatience, we are running ourselves into the

ground trying to do more and more with less and less time. We suffer

from Imposter Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety, and feelings of

unworthiness because we are doing things God has not called us to do

right now. We must slow down and spend more time in the presence

of God so we can hear clearly from him. If we don’t have enough margin

in our daily lives set aside to get into God's presence in prayer

our work won’t work. We have to empty ourselves so God can fill us

with the Holy Spirit and create a new within us. This will allow us to

show up more confident, healthy, restful, and BOLD as we carry our


The question is, are we willing to wait on it?

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