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Empower the Next Generation

Unleashing the Greatness of Young Women with the Butterfly Project

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Our Story

My Journey as First-Year ELA Teacher

In 2012, as a first-year an English Language Arts (ELA) teacher in Tunica County, I served over 200 sixth-grade students. My goal was to transform their lives beyond sentence structures and subject-verb agreements. I noticed that many of my female students were physically present but mentally absent, which led me to create the Butterfly Project - a mentoring program to build relationships beyond the classroom.

The Butterfly Project

I introduced the young ladies to a safe space where they could openly discuss their feelings and learn about themselves despite their struggles.

Along with other educators, we held after-school meetings, adjusting to their transportation needs by meeting during my planning period or at the library and church for empowerment sessions.

We expanded the program by adding the BP Excursion, taking our students to HBCUs, starting with Spelman College. As the impact of our efforts grew, more mentors eagerly joined to support these incredible young ladies.

Although I retired early, the Butterfly Project Mid-South continued for eight years, reaching young ladies in Southaven, MS, and Memphis, TN. During this time, the project thrived and made a significant impact on the lives of many young women. Unfortunately, the project closed due to the pandemic, but I still wanted to support the Mid-South youth.


"WE GIVE" is an extension of Butterfly Project Mid-South, providing the community an opportunity to invest in our girls and other youth organizations. By supporting this initiative, we can collectively make a difference in the lives of the next generation.

I believe we are all created for GREATNESS, and it's our responsibility to remind others of their potential through selflessness, generosity, and love, as this is where we give our GREATNESS.

Zenobia Jackson

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In Our Girls!

Your decision to stand with us means the world, and together, we're empowering the lives of our youth.

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