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Meet Zenobia

Expert Development Trainer & Wellness Coach

Zenobia Jackson has a passion for sisterhood and community. As a former educator for over fifteen years, visionary, and director of Butterfly Project Mid-south mentoring program for girls over eight years, she has encountered many girls and women who are just trying to figure life out. Her speaking and training have supported and revolutionized the minds of trailblazing youth organizations such as the Youth World Education Project, Kuntry Kids Leadership Summit, and Heal the Hood Foundation. 

Her years within the classroom and mentoring countless teen girls and women prepared her to speak, teach, mentor, and train the next generation of women on how to tackle their realities with God's Truth!  Zenobia is helping women find their way to holistic wellness, purpose, and peace one client, and one organization, at a time.

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Holistic Wellness, Purpose, & Peace

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"My favorite moments as an educator, are the lightbulb moments. Those are the instances in which you can witness the exact moment when students have breakthroughs. Second, they finally understand a difficult concept or learn something new about themselves or the world around them. When Mrs. Jackson spent time with our girls that's exactly what I saw on their faces and in their demeanors, lightbulb moments were happening in abundance." 


Thank you Mrs.Jackson for letting your light shine, and making a difference in the lives of our girls.

- Derrick Ford

School Administrator

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“From the moment Zenobia started her presentation we were already engaged. Her enthusiasm was contagious and resonated well with us. One of the best parts of the presentation was the interactive exercise using the “Wheel of Life.” This exercise fit perfectly into her balance presentation and I would recommend her to other audiences!”

- Laura Malloy

CEO of SimpleSpaces, LLC


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"Zenobia Jackson's style of leadership development prepares her audience for real life challenges and successes. Sharing her passion with the student staff leaders of Rust College equipped our students and inspired them to lead on and off campus. Zenobia made it clear, "Leaders don't simply show up, leaders transform the lives of others for the better."

- Marianne Ogutu

      Executive Assistant

       Student Activities


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