Redeeming Purpose - Power- & Possibilities

Since 2003, Zenobia Jackson has mentored, taught, and trained individuals, community leaders, and educators on understanding their purpose, identifying their power, and unlocking their possibilities in serving those around them. She believes when we help others achieve their goals, we in return achieve our goals and that is what success is all about. Zenobia is an expert in providing training, workshops, and seminars on women’s wellness, Christian family dynamics, and youth development. She equips her clients with lifelong transformative tools and strategies that will cause them to conquer their fear, take action, and live happier – more fulfilled lives!

Speaking Topics & Trainings

Balance Is a Myth...Seek and Find Harmony

Six Ways to Crush the Myth of Balance


How many of us feel like our lives have become a circus act? From carpooling, homework, bills, kids extra curricula activities, your job, and responsibilities to varies organizations and clubs and the list goes on and on. OMG! I can’t do this!!! Is exactly how you feel and if you are honest, you have said it and probably worse. Zenobia gives her listeners six valuable and practical ways to end the madness of trying to juggle it all. Zenobia gives us a clear picture on how to reclaim our time by becoming aware of the mundane habits that keep us from living stress free lives and understanding that everything has a proper place and time in your life.

I Am Your Biggest Fan

Creating Healthier Interpersonal Relationships

If communication is key, why aren't we communicating? We live  in a world where technology is king. Sending emails and text messages which have depreciated the value of our relationships. Zenobia shares candid stories of lessons learned from being the CEO of a non-profit, business woman, wife, and mother on how to support those that are on your team.

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