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The Unending Gift

Well, hello! You're here in adulthood, living your life, gifting us all. You have learned to eat your veggies, brush your teeth, separate whites from colors, and drive a car! You know how to go far, and go well. But do you know when to stop? Stopping, pressing pause, taking a sabbath, adding margin... whatever you call it, it exists everywhere in our world. It exists amazingly in the natural world when you see a golden sunset transition into the night. It exists subtly at the paragraph's white edge on this screen. But today's reflection is: Does margin you?

But why? Margin, consistently giving yourself the space to rest and think, helps to prepare you

for the expected and unexpected tasks you will be required to do today. There are countless articles, bible verses, speeches, and medical journal studies about the importance of rest. Just one internet search yields millions of results. So yes, this is something as important as anything else.

But how? There are limitless ways to make small and large margins in your life. It can exist before you get out of bed, out of the car, or even before you begin your week; taking some intentional time to pause, reflect, think grateful thoughts, and remind yourself of boundaries will help you as you begin the next task.

The result? The next activity may be done with a little more patience, thoughtfulness, and eagerness. In short, you've given yourself the gift of time and allowed the better parts of you to show up to the occasion. In turn, this becomes a gift to everyone-- especially and including yourself! As we prepare for this next season of busyness, I hope you are able to add margin to your journey. It truly is an unending gift.

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