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Patience, One of Your Best Friends

Sister, in this life, we have friends and acquaintances. But what do you think about 'Patience'? Is she your very best friend? Is she an acquaintance?

I have so many reasons to give you for making her one of your very best friends. The most beautiful thing about Patience is her desire to only want what's best for you. She knows you have people you love, and she knows you have great responsibilities. She wants you to excel at these priority relationships and important tasks. Together with your other BFF, Wisdom, she even helps you to remember to be patient with yourself!

When you make mistakes, Patience is there to give you a basket of grace. "Breathe, my Beloved Sister, slow down", she says. She is also there to tell you the truth about where you erred to help you improve. If you let her hold your hand in every season and in every trial, she will. If you let her sit beside you in every argument, she can. "Speak the truth in love," she may say. "Be silent and listen," she may whisper. Before every adventure, she winks with a, "Look carefully, and leggo!!"

So let your friend Patience have her perfect work. She wants you to be whole and entire, lacking in nothing (James 1:4) for the rest of your life.

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