Guest Bloggers

Quiet Storm

Joanna Holmes, a Detroit native, now lives outside Memphis, Tennessee.  She is a God-lover, wife, and mama to 3 littles. When she is not with her family or homeschooling, you can find her reading, watching a good drama, or out enjoying nature.

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Fearless Soul

Stacey Johnson a Memphis native
is a servant of the Most High. Devoted wife of 10 years, and mother of 5 girls, she has a passion for women knowing their identity and place in the Kingdom.

Stacey recently responded to Holy Spirit’s call to start a marriage ministry. Deeply moved by married people of God fulfilling their purpose in matrimony, through the marriage bed. 
She loves people, loves laughing, and simply loves God. 

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Anchored Sister

Melissa Lewis, a St. Louis native, is a believer in Christ, wife of 24yrs, and mother of two amazing humans. She is on a journey to change the narrative for women that "Everything is not for you to do!" I started down the journey of entrepreneurship to give value.  I wanted to provide support to women experiencing stress and overwhelm trying to balance their own lives and careers while simultaneously balancing the life of a loved one. Melissa is the CEO/Founder of The Majestic Group, Lifestyle Concierge, a Full-Service Personal Concierge Business that specializes in handling our clients' to~ do list. When she is not working with clients you can find her spending time with my family, traveling, decorating/organizing, or watching a good drama-filled movie.

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Inquisitive student

Lashea Jackson is from Memphis, TN., and a graduate of Hamilton high school. Currently, she is a student at Southwest Tennessee Community College. She has been speaking since coming out of the womb. She has a passion for people and seeing them reach their full potential. Lashea also has a podcast called "Shea's Heart to Heart." where she speaks on having a healthy relationship with God, yourself, and others. 

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My Tribe

"Surround yourself with people who add value to your life.

Who challenge you to be greater than you were yesterday.

Who sprinkle magic into your existence, just like you do to theirs.

Life isn't to be done alone. Find your tribe- and travel freely and loyally together." -Alex Elle