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Parenting vs. Privacy

Setting Healthy Boundaries with Our Children


As parents, do we know when, where, and how to set healthy boundaries? In today’s society, it seems that our children have the upper hand. As parents, we walk on egg shells around our children because we don’t want to rock the boat. We are often too tired to ask questions, set and enforce rules, and sitting down to talk with our children is something we have lost sight of. It is time for you to make the first thing first? Zenobia shares personal and effective ways on how to set healthy boundaries and create open and honest dialogue with your child/children, while strengthen your relationship with them.

Complementing My Husband on Our Journey

Why is it so difficult for me to submit to my husband? What does that mean anyway? The church has caused many saved women to feel they are disrespectful and downright evil when they do not adhere to the ways of their husbands as the church sees fit. It’s almost as if we’re playing the blame game and women who think differently are already guilty. Zenobia expel the myths of being a submissive wife and unlocks the truth behind the power we have when we submit God’s way. She discusses the meaning of being unequally yoked, traditionalism, religion, and so much more!

Kingdom Women

Divine Order

Be You In HIS Image

Truly Loving What I See in the Mirror

"You sho is ugly!" If anyone has seen The Color Purple, then you have heard this infamous line from the sexy and seemingly confident, Shug Avery to the shy, timid, and frail Ms. Sophia. What made Shug say those hurtful words to Ms. Sophia besides intoxication and how did it affect Ms. Sophia? Well today, we are continually affected and controlled by the world’s view of beauty. What we believe is beautiful somehow is valued from someone else’s perspective. Zenobia shares three powerful truths that will bring you to a place of peace, love, and acceptance of self. Listen closely and open your eyes to see your true beauty.

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