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Dispelling the Myths about SEX & Unlocking the Truth

1990s R&B girls band Salt-N-Pepper got it right with their number one hit single, “Lets Talk About Sex.” It was a time where STDs and AIDS were on the rise; causing pain and untimely deaths. Zenobia takes this song and sheds light on what sex really is, the benefits, and the realities of engaging in the act. Teens are informed and educated on what’s really happening in their world of sex and they hear real life experiences from not waiting. This is a must have training for every youth group.

To Tell or Not to Tell

Saving a Life or Even Your Own

Teens often misunderstand a secret being something that is private. They hold secrets that could potentially harm themselves and those around them. Many teens fear being ridiculed by their friends and some fear not being believed. Telling the truth is no longer an honorable deed. How can we help our children to understand the difference? Zenobia Jackson teaches our teens the difference between discretion and honesty. She engages the youth by using on the spot skits, read a-louds, and real life stories.  Your teen or youth group will have a different outlook on keeping a secret and telling the truth.

Big Bad Bully

Combatting Hurt from the Inside-Out

Have you ever been bullied? How did it make you feel? Angry, scared, depressed? You may have wondered, why is this happening to me? On the flip side, you may be the bully. What has happened in your life that has caused you to administer pain onto someone else? Zenobia unlocks the hidden secrets of a bully. Their mental process, habits, their prey, and the root cause in their attacks. Zenobia also, shed light for those who have been bullied and how to diffuse a bully’s attacks and or threats in a quick, precise, and bold manner.

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