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I want to welcome you to an opportunity for a new chance of business understanding. Inside you will find proven business practices essential to help you to elevate your business techniques while encouraging you through the storms. This book has been written to open a new level of insight of women in business, especially women of color. I want to be transparent, this book is not to attack, blame, nor ostracize another race or ethnicity, but a book written to give voice to a sector of women that tend to experience more roadblocks based on the level of melanin in their skin. Great women that have the skills to accelerate the business world into a new level of inclusiveness and successes, that are at times not given the opportunity to have a seat at the table. This book was written to move us past a 200-year-old “image” of a successful businessperson.  

This book is a SOLUTION-DRIVEN guide that can help to articulate our experiences while providing a “blueprint” for success that will not only help current and future black women business leaders but provide the world with a NEW foundation of understanding the true qualities of black women in business. It will contain thought-provoking, challenging, engaging content and materials designed to highlight the professionalism of black women in business, clarity of what it takes for us to have a sustainable revenue-driven operation, and a revolutionary guide for future women leaders, not just black women but ALL women. While providing much-needed business statistics and solutions, we believe that it is imperative that we also allow you to hear from women that are walking this journey daily. These amazing women will provide a peek into their real-life experiences as business leaders, traditional owners, and entrepreneurs. They will share the tips, tools, and resources they use to operate as an EXCEPTIONAL Black Woman in Business and Entrepreneurship!

We have the opportunity to fill the gap of access and opportunities for women of color, it is time for us to take our place as the ANCESTORS of the next generations of women business leaders. We aim to feed their need to hear from women that look like them, speak their language, understand them, and share similar experiences. Women that are willing to share their stories of trials and tribulations while understanding that “her PURPOSE was bigger than her PAIN.”- Michelle S. Thomas.  
Women that can increase the human connection within their business foundation! 

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